Green Cafe Design Idea

LANDIN Café, GREEN Cafe Design Concept

“LANDIN Café is the Green Cafe Design Concept united with the nature in order to return the value to the society”


SCG has collaborated with The Room Magazine which is in the group of “Baan Lae Suan” under the working collaboration in the name of Room x SCG in order to create the contents for the presentation of various places in Thailand where they have the differentiated and beautiful design focusing on the idea sharing of the material designed by the materials or the products from SCG


For the series of the contents which consist of  9 Chapters including café, restaurants, hotels and hostels which will be designed in the different mood and tone.


You can enjoy reading the magazine and enjoy the beautiful pictures in each chapter as per the link below


Chapter 1 :“LANDIN” 
LANDIN Café is the Green Cafe Design Concept united with the nature in order to return the value to the society

Chapter 2 :“HAOMA” 
The restaurant – HAOMA- Oasis in the Capital City of Thailand with natural style full circle focusing on the green color of the nature

Chapter 3 :“ONEDAY I Pause Hostel” 
Simple Loft style Cool Hostel for your pause of vacation to live your life

Transform the small area of the alley of the commercial building to be the street design for the office employees and those people who rush

This Bakeshop is outstanding and  significant with the pastel color which helps croissants, tarts, cakes and uncountable baked desserts and more variety of beverages become more attractive and look delicious and tasty.

Chapter 6 :“WIW MINIHOTEL” 
Those who are looking for the accommodation near Don Muang Airport for vacation or for transit flight.

Chapter 7 :“K.O.F.” 
Stand alone café located in the luxurious hotel of Thailand.

Chapter 8 :“KANVELA HOUSE” 
Vintage style café and boutique hotel renovated from the 6 units of commercial building age more than 100 years

Chapter 9 :“Roots at Sathon” 
Thai style coffee café which has been designed under the concept of “back to the origin.




translucent Cafe Design Idea


The translucent Café with the cool look on the roadside of Baan RamPueng, Muang District has been designed under the concept of the returning to the society and maintain and keep the nature to be the same and designed under the limited budget to maximize the value.


Therefore this café can be used during day and night time and to encourage more people to use the area efficiently.


The designer will start from designing together with the local contractor by using the material which is easy to obtain and easy to build and construct therefore, the turbid polycarbonate board will be used and will be covered inside on the surface of the building by designing the column to have the same size of the turbid polycarbonate in order to have less material waste.


Green material to design Cafe


Besides covering inside with the translucent material, the designer will create the interest for the people by installing the wooden door jamb and window jamb at the corner of the building to draw people’s attention and make the brown color of the wood contrasted with the building which creates the warm feeling and the wall covered inside with the translucent material which will help bring the natural light to the building.


It will make the ambience become clear and airy and also it will help to see the shade of the big trees outside like to bring the green color to the building. During the night time, once all the lights have been turned on, this building will look beautiful as if it were the light box shining inside the square building which is the simple unique gimmick.




Eco friendly Cafe design idea


A. Level up the area in order to be clearly separated by building the corridor around the building. We will use the fiber cement wood or wood substitute which has the characteristic of sun and light resistance and easy maintenance.

B. Create the interest for the area inside and outside by covering inside the ceiling to be inclined along the roof.


Design Idea for Green Cafe and restaurant

Economy Cafe Design Idea


C. Fill the café with the warmth and interest with the installation of wooden windows at the corner of the building

D. Choose to decorate the counter with the grey color tone in order to match with the steel structure and the ladder behind the counter which will be united with the dull translucent sheet covered inside the wall.


Green Eco friendly Material to build green cafe and restaurant - Eng


Currently, the energy saving for the buildings or the shelters can be done in many ways. Not only the designing like using the potentiality of the surrounding context or the sunlight direction or rain but also the usage of the updated technology and innovation or the material selection which can be used and can be a part of the buildings or the shelters like the translucent sheet of SCG.


There are 9 color tone. Each color tone will have the different translucent level of the color tone which depends on the application of the products usage. The product body is made from the special types of Polyester resins and high quality fiberglass which will be laminated by the anti UV film up to 99% but it still can bring more natural light to the buildings without turning on the light during day time.


Therefore it will help save the energy for the usage outside and inside the buildings e.g. using the translucent sheets to separate the space for the rooms, using the translucent sheets for roofing, the awnings and the garages


Furthermore,  SCG translucent sheet can resist all kinds of climate and can be quickly and easily installed because of the light weight and SCG translucent sheets are easily transferred and moved and are not the burden to the contractor. They can be used in many ways of works


There are 9 types of color for SCG translucent sheets

1. Icey (93% transparency)

2. Andaman Green (68% transparency)

3. Orange (58% transparency)

4. Opaque White (56% transparency)

5. Sea Blue (54% transparency)

6. Dark Grey Blue (55% transparency)

7. Dark Blue (31% transparency)

8. Light Brown(26% transparency)

9. Dark Grey (16% transparency)


Remarks: The material recommended above is the material which is equivalent to SCG Brand and is used for the presentation of the concept of design idea only.  This is not the real material used to design LANDIN café.


Next Chapter:  Haoma, the Premium Oasis Restaurant for those people who love Healthiness…Read Now

Special Thank to : SCG & LANDIN

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