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SCG Drywall, Fiber Cement Board, and Gypsum Board | The Right Solution For You.

For more than 100 years, SCG has led the Drywall, Fiber cement board, Gypsum board and building materials innovation. Now, SCG has become the standard for highest-quality and best-performing of drywall systems and related building materials products for internal wall, external wall and ceiling purposes.

We are intent for development in this drywall system and related materials such as Fiber Cement Board and Gypsum Board to increase operational efficiency, speed up wall & ceiling installation process, and make it to environmental friendly, helping your residentials, hospitals, schools, workplace, any of your projects drier, quieter, and safter than ever.

Speed Installation

Not only easier to lift and transport, but also reduce installations time. SCG Drywall panel, a faster and simpler alternative. Our Fiber Cement Board and Gypsum Board can help you a lot.

Increase Efficiency - Save Time, Save Labor Cost

Environmental Friendly

SCG Drywall panel, the only system for sustainability. Fewer CO2 emissions during manufacturing and less resources (water & sand) required in an installation. In addition, SCG Drywall will assist you to achieving additional credits from LEED®

High Performance Brand

Our drywall system can protect you from fire and stand strong in humid areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. And due to its lightweight, it allow you to accelerate your construction timeline while improving the durability of the project you create.

Technical Support

We want to help you as much as possible throughout the specification and build process and have a support tools to help make your life easier. Please visit our knowledge center or call +6698-842-8856 Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00

SCG - the name behind better building solution

SCG Drywall system, Fiber Cement Board and Gypsum Board allow you to enhancing the safety and long-term performance in several applications.

Building Solution by Applications

Enhancing the innovative function and long-term performance of the spaces you create.

SCG offers variety of smart wall system e.g. Internal Dry Wall System, Fire Resistance System, Moisture/Water Resistance System, Heat Protection System, Sound Acoustic System and External Wall System.

We provide “Asbestos-Free” and new generation of fiber cement board material with Firm & Flex Technology made board gain strength, durability, and elasticity in one time.

SCG Floor System is easy to work with and capable of withstanding up to 500 kg./sqm. SCG Floor System making it perfect for constuction and renovation works that speediness and high impact strengths.

SCG Smartwood is a fiber cement wood substitute product with a superior material quality plus Color Loc Technology that allow SCG Smart Wood create naturals look, attractiveness and confidence of use.

Green Building Solution

What did you do to save the world today?

Choose GREEN building materials to your project to save your surrounding environment

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