Montania Fiber Cement Board

Grooved Fiber Cement Board

Enhances the natural finish urban texture!

Giving your home or building an intimate look with the art of design by Montania Grooved board , by grooving, it enhances the natural finish urban texture.


 Be used for indoor and outdoor wall decoration

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Montania Grooved Fiber Cement Board

Montania Grooved Fiber Cement Board are produced from a composition of cement, minerals, cellulose fibres. The surface is lightly sanded which could give a linear aspects that will bring height and depth to your environment, inspiring by the simplicity of giving birth to a light and friendly decoration.

Grooved Fiber Cement Board for decorate wall products


Natural designed textures, with a unique character and strong identity to buildings appearance with an affordable price.

Product Size : 30 x 240 x 0.8 cm.

Net Weight: 8 kg/pc

Application Guildeline

Self-ventilating facades
• Attics/loft roofing
• Weatherboard
• Balconies
• Prefabricated facade elements

Application Example

Installation Methods

Tool and Equipment for Fiber Cement Board Installation

Tools and Equipment for Grooved Fiber Cement Installation

Grooved Fiber Cement Board Installation

1. Frame for drywall frame size at 60 *120 cm for vertical at 60 *60 cm

Grooved Fiber Cement Sheet Installation

2. Frame with brick structure need to installed C-channel with 60 cm gap

Decorate Internal Wall Installation

Internal wall (Decorative), can be installed by using nail glue in vertical and horizontal axis.

Grooved Fiber Cement Board Installation - Internal Wall

External wall, using backer board (Thickness size 4-6 mm), then install chisel board with nail glue.

Internal wall, Can be installed by without gap. External wall, need to keep gap 3-5 mm. Then fill the gap by PU.

Cleaning Fiber Cement Board Installation

Using wet cloth to clean. Then apply with Clear coating for waterproofing to show the surface

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