Q-CON Wall Panel

Q-CON Wall Panel

Q-CON Wall Panels are lightweight, steel reinforced, groove & tongue panels that can be easily installed by your normal on-site installers.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Work
  • Fast Installation and Clean Site
  • Thermal, Sound andFire Resistance
  • Enviro-Friendly and Energy Saving

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Features & Benefits

Super Speed Wall Panel


Faster than brick 4 times and easily installed by groove and tongue panels impact to labor capacity more than 9.71 sq.m./man/day

Super Strong Wall Panel


Durability to resist wind and reinforce with preventive corrosion steel. Moreover, Q-CON is No Knocking Sound and can hang 50 kg per point by Expansion fixing.

Save Budget Wall Panel


Reduced working time and transportation cost due to Light weight (70 kg/m2). Furthermore, Q-CON is good heat insulation AAC panel (K=0.115 w/mk.) to save Energy as well.

Q con Fire Resistance Wall System


Excellent Fire resistance as Q-CON is Non- Combustible material and can protect fire for 4 hours.

Eco friendly Wall Panel


Q-CON Wall Panel is environmental friendly material due to Non-toxic that made from natural components and Reduce waste.

Product Option

Q-CON Wall Panel - Speed Wall Partition
Q-CON Wall Panel - Speed Wall Partition

Product Size

W x L x H (cm.)
60 x 300 x 7.57010
60 x 300 x 101007

Special Property

Q-CON Wall Panels are lightweight, steel reinforced, groove & tongue panels that can be easily installed by your normal on-site installers. They are suitable to be used as both external and internal walls.

Q-Con Wall Panel - SCG Smartbuild


Thermal resistance and Energy saving

Reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

Sound resistance

Reduced sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources.

Non toxic

Lightweight so Q-CON is easy to move, easy to transport and easy to install.

Easy to use

Lightweight so Q-CON is easy to move, easy to transport and easy to install.

Reduce construction time

60% faster than masonry using semi skilled trades.

Light Weight

Light weight so Q-CON is easy to move, easy to transport and easy to install.

Long Life

Not easy to wear off and durable to all weather conditions.


An established quality control program allows builders to achieve optimal structural performance.

Less wastage

Q-Con Wall Panel are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit, resulting in less wastage.

Q CON Special Propety Detail

Quality Product Approval

Q-CON Wall Panel Passed BS5234 Standard Guaranteed … Trusted Partition for your project!!!

  • Lighter weight up to 2.5 times help to reduce structure load. Q-CON wall panel is 70 kg/sq.m. while brick wall approximate 180 kg./sq.m.
  • Constant standard of compressive strength > 40 kg/sq.m. due to controllable production process
  • Ensure your safety by excellent fire resistance 4 hours that is longer than brick 2 hours
  • 10 times less Thermal Conductivity than brick. Q-CON Wall Panel make you feel cooler when stay at home as less Thermal Conductivity at 0.115 W/mk. compare to normal brick that is at 1.12-1.14 W/mk.
High Quality Lightweight concrete
Wall panel fast install

Super Speed Install

Q-CON wall panel can help you to finish job faster than brick & mortar up to 3 times and easily install by groove and tongue panel.

  •  60% faster than masonry using semi-skilled trades.
  •  Panel is larger sizes than brick and AAC block that bring to fewer joints
  •  Installer capacity is up to 9.71 sq.m./man/day
  •  No require special skill to install

Several sizes to match your wall area

Q-Con Wall Panel is steel reinforced start from 7.5 cm. thickness and available in lengths of 1.50 – 4.0 m. and width of 0.6 – 3.0 m.

Dimension, Weight and Packaging:

W x L x H (cm.)                  Weight                                 Packaging

60x300x7.5                          53 kg/sq.m.                        8 Pcs/Pallet

60x300x10                           70 kg/sq.m.                        6 Pcs/Pallet

Lightweight concrete
High Quality AAC Block

Strong Wall Panel, do not worry about fragile problem

Preventive corrosion steel reinforce Q-Con Wall Panel too durable so it is difficult cracking even if facing wind load, lifting during construction or hanging heavy stuff.

  • No fragile: Specially coated on steel to prevent corrosion and provides maximum durability
  • No Knocking Sound: This property is well as same as AAC Block because it was developed from AAC Blocks
  • Durability: Wind load resistance and no need special maintenance

Load Bearing Wall: Support the weight of hanging load 50

Enhance your safety life by selecting fire retardant material

Q-CON Wall Panel is renowned for its highly fire resistant properties, it works as fire resistance insulation as same as AAC block, it can help to protect you better in the case of a fire.

  • Fire protection up to 4 hours
  • Non- Combustible
  • Property of Autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC)
Speed Wall Panels
Speed Wall Panels

Save more budget, Get more money

As be an autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC), Q-Con Wall Panel can save not only budget cost but energy consumption also.

  • Reduce working time due to faster install and easy to work
  • Deduct transportation cost from Light weight (70 kg/m2), it is approximately 1/4 of the weight of traditional concrete
  • Good heat insulation (K=0.115 w/mk.) like ALC Block that reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances

Environmental friendly product

Q-Con Wall Panel are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit, resulting in less wastage. Moreover, it made from completely natural materials which is not pollution causes.

  • Made from Non-toxic components.
  • Less mess on-site and less clean-up at completion of construction
Drywall Headquarter

Installation Guideline

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Easy install by your normal on-site installers … Everyone can do!


1. Check sizes and quantities of Q con wall panel.

2. Check layout and construction drawing.

3. Check tools and equipment.

Installation Steps

1. Clean and Mark the wall alignment. Clean the floor and ceiling without dust or dirt before making the line by the chalk tape.

2. Clean Q-Con Wall Panel and move to the marked point.

3. Mix thin-bed mortar and apply it on structure. Apply mix thin bed mortar on column structure for increase adhesion between the Q-con wall panel and the structure.

4. Lift the wall panel and push it to attach the column.

5. Insert a foam sheet between floor and top of the panel.Foam sheets prevent wall cracking from slab defection effect.

6. Use lever to lift Q-con wall panel until top of the panel reach the upper floor then insert a wood wedge under the panel.

7. Use steel angle to fasten the panel with floors on both upper and lower side of the panel by using steel plugs and screws.

8. Apply thin-bed mortar on side of the first panel then lift the next wall panel to attach and do the same as the previous steps.

9. Continue install wall panels until the gap can be closed by the last panel.

10. Measure the gap and cut the last panel to fit in then install it in place.

11. Fill the gap under the panels with sand-cement mortar for fill the gap under wall panel.

12. Fill all gaps between each panel with thin-bed mortar, wait until the mortar dry then rub with sandpaper #400.

13. Finishing all gaps again with skim coat then rub with sandpaper #200.

14. Finish Q-con wall panel installation. Can finish the surface with painting or as required.

Application Guideline

  • Living Room
  • Commercial/Department Store
  • Office
  • High Rise Building
  • Hotel
  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Green Building

Case Study



Central Pattana Public Company Limited or CPN who is owner and operate many shopping centers under three brands; centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, and CentralFestival, office building, hotel, residential and condominium project.

It is pleasure of SCG to be a partner who get the trustiness from CPN to support wall application solution like Q-CON Wall Panel to many shopping centers such as centralwOrld, CentralPlaza Chaengwattana, CentralPlaza Lardprao and CentralPlaza Chonburi.

The outstanding property that make the leader company in Thailand confident in Q-CON Wall Panel is super speed install. Q-CON installation is faster than brick and mortar 4 times

  • 60% faster than masonry using semi-skilled trades.
  • Panel is larger sizes than brick and AAC block that bring to fewer joints
  • It is easily installed by groove and tongue panels

CPN gets several benefits from using Q-CON not only saving time but other hidden advantages also.

  • Cost saving by faster finished project: Labor cost and project management such as equipment rental, space rental, waste disposal expense, etc.
  • Materials saving from lighter weight: Lighter superstructure (beam column), smaller footing and pile saving
  • Energy saving as Q-CON is less thermal conductivity: Electricity bill from air conditioner expense
  • Better financial performance due to faster finished project: Less total loan interest expense to bank, increase income because of early running business

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Specification & Standard

Product PropertyWall Panel Standard
Dry Density550-650 Kg/m3 IS – 2185 (Part III)
Working Density600-700 Kg/m3
Wind Load50-180 Kg/m2
Compressive Strength>4 N/mm2IS2185(partIII)
Water Absorption<33%by mass
Fire RatingUp to 4 hr100mm. thickness wall panel / BS476 Part 20 and 22 :1987
Thermal Conductivity (k)0.115 W/mk
Sound Insulation (STC)38 - 43 dB
Reinforce steel tensile strength > 500 N/mm2
Weight70 kg/m2100 mm thickness wall panel


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