Fiber Cement Board

SCG Fiber Cement Board

High impact strength, lasting durability and easy installation fiber cement board.

SCG SmartBOARD is fiber cement board that most suitable choice for external and internal wall & parttion, especially in the construction of housing extened, renovated area,  and office & commercial

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Product Option

SCG Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - Square Edge
SCG Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - 2 side Tapered Edge
Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - 2 side Tapered Edge with Lining
SCG Fiber Cement Sheet for Wall - 4 inch Square Lining

Product Size

ApplicationSeriesThickness (mm.)Width x Length (mm.)Installation SystemWeight (kg./pc.)Effective Area (sq.m./pc.)
Internal and External Wall2-Side Tappered Edge81200 x 2800Concealed40.23.36
2-Side Tappered Edge121220 x 2440 (4'x8')Concealed53.62.97
Squared Edge81200 x 2400
1200 x 2800
1220 x 2440 (4'x8')
Space Lining34.8
Squared Edge91200 x 2400
1220 x 2440 (4'x8')
Space Lining39.2
Squared Edge101200 x 2400
1220 x 2440 (4'x8')
Space Lining43.5
Squared Edge121200 x 2400
1220 x 2440 (4'x8')
Space Lining52.2
4 - Inch Square Lining81200 x 2800Space Lining403.36
6 - Inch Square Lining Wood Grain (Golden Teak Color)6600 x 3000Space Lining161.80
6 - Inch Square Lining Wood Grain (Golden Teak Color)8600 x 3000No Space Lining21.51.80

Special Property

SCG Smartboard is a new generation of fiber cement board material with FIRM and FLEX Technology made the board gain strength, durability and elasticity in one time. SCG Smartboard ( fiber cement board), with state-of-the-art composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica, and Special cellulose fiber through Autoclave process, is specially designed for various ceiling, wall, and flooring applications both internal and external usage.


FIRM special Properties

High Impact Strength

Composition of SCG Portland Cement, Silica and Special cellulose fiber developed by our laboratory

Water - Resistance

Long lasting even using in hot, humid, and strong raining weather condition according to JIS Standard A5420

Termite Resistant

Termite resistant from Portland cement material.

FLEX special Properties

Flexibility for various designs

SCG Smartboard provide flexibility for various designs to meet your specification.

Light Weight, Fast and Easy to Install

With only 30 kg. per sq.m. It can install easier and faster than conventional system.

Better Heat Resistance

SCG Smartboard can prevent heat from external environtment. Reducing energy consumption and answering green designs.

SCG Fiber Cement Board - Firm and Flex Technology

Application Guideline

  • Living Room
  • Office
  • High Rise Building
  • Hotel
  • Factory
  • Green Building

Application Example

Specification & Standard

AttributesTest ValueStandard
Water Expansion Rate (24 hrs. soak)0.12%JIS A5420
Density1,260 Kg./M3ASTM C1185
Resistant to leakage (24 hrs. water contain)PassTIS 1427 - 2540
Water Absoption Rate34%-
Tension force perpendicular to the surface1.9 MPaJIS A 5905
Modulus of Rapture (Wet Test)10 N/ C1185
Heat Conductivity Rate (K)0.084 W/McASTM C117
Sound Resistance (STC)38 dBBS 2750
Non Flamable, Non combustiblePassBS 476 Part 5,6 and 7
System Flamce Resistant1 and 2 hrs.BS 476 Part 20-22
Drying Shrinkage rate (60c, 24 hrs.)0.04%-
Modulus of Elasticity4,500 N/ C 1185
Bending Radius (4, 6, 8, 10 mm.)1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0 M.-


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